The Winners List

Our winners are notified and confirmed via email. Below is a list of our most recent winners. Confirmed winners are added chronologically after the competition has closed. Don’t see your name on the list? Keep entering daily!

Win The Woody Allen Collection

Ended: July 18, 2014
Woody allan box set 2d
  • Congratulations Kirsty I. from Kent!
  • Congratulations natalee g. from Northamptonshire!

Win Power Attacker Figures With Transformers: Age of Extinction

Ended: July 16, 2014
  • Congratulations janet m. from west yorks!
  • Congratulations caroline s. from somerset!
  • Congratulations Sarah P. from east sussex!
  • Congratulations Jeremy G. from London!
  • Congratulations Jonathan R. from United Kingdom!
  • Congratulations lisa t. from mid glamorgan!
  • Congratulations Sarah E. from Devon!
  • Congratulations Arvinder S. from Essex!
  • Congratulations Stephen L. from Lancs!
  • Congratulations Phillip D. from Dyfed!
  • Congratulations Kirsty C. from Merseyside !
  • Congratulations Rachel S. from Staffordshire!

Win Gala Screening Tickets To Planes 2: Fire And Rescue

Ended: July 16, 2014
Planes 2 main poster
  • Congratulations Graham B. from Wiltshire!
  • Congratulations Michelle B. from Essex!
  • Congratulations Joanne H. from Norfolk !

Win A Blu-ray Bundle And Signed Non-Stop Poster

Ended: July 15, 2014
Blu ray bundle
  • Congratulations barry h. from surrey!
  • Congratulations James S. from Greater Manchester!
  • Congratulations Christopher L. from Lancashire!
  • Congratulations mark W. from Cornwall!
  • Congratulations Andrew K. from Channel Islands, Jersey!

Win Urban Species T-Shirts And Tranformers Goodies

Ended: July 15, 2014
  • Congratulations Jean G. from W Yorks!
  • Congratulations ADEINNE T. from SCOTLAND!

Win Helix: Season 1 On DVD

Ended: July 15, 2014
Helix season 1 cdrp40158uv 3d o ring w uv sticker
  • Congratulations David W. from Bedfordshire!
  • Congratulations David W. from Bedfordshire!
  • Congratulations Yvette P. from Lancashire!
  • Congratulations charles h. from staffordshire!
  • Congratulations joanna b. from west yorkshire!
  • Congratulations Geoff H. from Devon!
  • Congratulations KENNETH M. from Derbyshire!
  • Congratulations Linda B. from berwickshire!
  • Congratulations Jimmy M. from Tyne & Wear!
  • Congratulations Joshua T. from East Sussex!

Win Nashville: Seasons 1& 2 On DVD

Ended: July 14, 2014
Lgd95122 3d box
  • Congratulations Trevor a. from Suffolk!
  • Congratulations Elaine B. from Lincolnshire!
  • Congratulations Lajos D. from Hampshire!

Win A PS4 And Destiny Beta Version

Ended: July 14, 2014
Destiny key art
  • Congratulations Billy C. from Cumbria!
  • Congratulations Doris P. from Lancs!
  • Congratulations Nigel S. from Oxfordshire!
  • Congratulations TERRY R. from BUCKS!
  • Congratulations Mark D. from London!
  • Congratulations sally h. from west sussex!

Win Tickets To A Special Screening Of Under The Skin

Ended: July 11, 2014
  • Congratulations Peter B. from Hampshire!
  • Congratulations William H. from Surrey!
  • Congratulations james d. from Swansea!
  • Congratulations sarah p. from surrey!
  • Congratulations June E. from Kent!

Win Tickets To The Premiere Of Pudsey The Dog: The Movie

Ended: July 9, 2014
Pudsey main quad lr
  • Congratulations Sharon C. from Middx!
  • Congratulations Padraig M. from Antrim!
  • Congratulations Lesley U. from Northamptonshire!
  • Congratulations Simone l. from west midlands!
  • Congratulations Dawn s. from Co Antrim!

Win Wallander Collected Films 27-32 Box Set

Ended: July 7, 2014
Wallander 27 32 3d dvd
  • Congratulations karen l. from Lancashire!
  • Congratulations CATHERINE S. from TYNE AND WEAR!
  • Congratulations Mr C. from Essex!
  • Congratulations Andrew S. from West Yorkshire!
  • Congratulations Keiko T. from Berkshire!

Win Theatre Tickets with Jersey Boys, in cinemas June 20

Ended: July 4, 2014
Jersey boys 1sheet uk date
  • Congratulations Farah H. from West Midlands!

Win A Secret Agent Experience Day With Buyagift

Ended: July 1, 2014
  • Congratulations miriam k. from london!

Win An HBO DVD Bundle For Father's Day

Ended: June 23, 2014
  • Congratulations LAURA H. from BEDS!

Win Downhill On DVD

Ended: June 23, 2014
Dvd pack shot
  • Congratulations Gary from Gloucestershire!
  • Congratulations Sandra C. from Lanarkshire!
  • Congratulations Jed H. from Suffolk!
  • Congratulations emily h. from Vale Of Glamorgan!
  • Congratulations Michelle B. from Essex!
  • Congratulations ANDREW H. from DERBYSHIRE!
  • Congratulations charles h. from staffordshire!
  • Congratulations Frances W. from County Durham!
  • Congratulations mark W. from Cornwall!
  • Congratulations Adam S. from Middlesex!

Win A Copy Of In The Flesh On Blu-ray

Ended: June 23, 2014
  • Congratulations Andrew R. from Greater London!
  • Congratulations Alex B. from Beds!
  • Congratulations John T. from West Yorkshire!
  • Congratulations Karen M. from Lancashire!
  • Congratulations Jodie C. from West Midlands!

Win A Copy Of Benedict Cumberbatch By Nigel Goodall

Ended: June 23, 2014
  • Congratulations Janice D. from England!
  • Congratulations Fiona S. from West Yorkshire!
  • Congratulations Claire B. from Rutland !
  • Congratulations Mark B. from Cheshire!
  • Congratulations Rachel Q. from East Sussex!
  • Congratulations Constantine M. from West Midlands !
  • Congratulations Rebecca G. from Kent!
  • Congratulations Ms B. from Nottinghamshire!
  • Congratulations lynn l. from kent!
  • Congratulations Ben E. from Somerset!

Win If... On Blu-ray

Ended: June 23, 2014
If jpg
  • Congratulations Pat y. from Norfolk!
  • Congratulations Craig L. from Berks!
  • Congratulations charles h. from staffordshire!
  • Congratulations Brian T. from Dublin!
  • Congratulations Marcus C. from Lincolnshire!

Win A Father's Day Blu-ray Bundle

Ended: June 19, 2014
  • Congratulations Anna M. from London !
  • Congratulations Geri G. from Tyne and Wear!
  • Congratulations James K. from Wigtownshire!
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